5 Little Knows Tips for a Rapid House Sale

5 Little Knows Tips for a Rapid House Sale

When trying to sell a house or a condominium, there are all kinds of articles and publications online offering advice on how to speed up the process and get the price you want.

Here are out top five less well-know tips you can employ when putting your property on the market :

Showcase the Storage Space

A potential buyer will be charmed if they discover cabinets and closets that are… empty! Moving a few items of clothing and cooking implements to another spot in your home (or selling them if no longer used) while people are viewing your property will show how much practical storage space there is! A very sought after feature by buyers these days since this makes keeping the house clean much easier!

Have Them at Hello

Provide a welcoming space to your potential buyers. There is, after all, only one chance to make a first impression. This includes accessible parking, an orderly yard and a building exterior that is beautifully maintained. A front door that is hard to open, peeling paint on a garage door or flower beds full of weeds may lessen buyers’ interest in the property, for example. 

Focus on Like-Worthy Photos 

Nowadays, your visitors will have (perhaps compulsively) already seen photos of your property and gone on a virtual tour. They are coming to view it in person to confirm their impressions. They will also analyze the pictures afterwards. Our advice, therefore, concerns the authenticity of the images you select. Choose well and make sure the photographs make your home look its best yet correspond to reality. For example, take your daytime snapshots when natural light is at its optimal level, or, for the dining or living room, shoot in the evening under soft and contemporary lighting. The best of both worlds! With a RE/MAX broker, you will have access to the impeccable services of a professional photographer who will know just how to highlight your property’s standout features.

Consider, also, adding photos of your summer landscaping if you are selling your home in the winter; or, conversely, of your outdoor holiday lighting. 


Revamp the Kitchen and Bathroom

It’s a fact: the kitchen and the bathroom can be sale breakers or makers. Ask your friends and family members who have an eye for design for their opinion. The objective is to create a neutral decor that potential buyers can easily imagine making their own, yet that is still welcoming and looks lived in. Don’t leave family photos on the fridge and the cat’s litter box in a corner of the bathroom. But do have your pretty Italian coffee machine out on the counter and a few personal care products in attractive bottles out on the vanity.

Be aware that if your property’s overall style is modern, you should conceal any country-ish elements. If, on the contrary, the look is more rustic, avoid overly contemporary items that will clash, especially in these two key rooms. 

Get a Real Estate Expert’s Advise 

Finally, team up with a real estate broker who knows the neighbourhood like the back of their hand! This expert will charm potential buyers by presenting the area’s attractions. Making buyers aware of local businesses, schools, parks and other services will always enhance your home’s appeal. Being aware of these gems—which you may not have known about yourself—makes it possible to share them! And of course, a broker will also help you promote your property’s assets and significantly streamline and accelerate your home’s sales process for you thanks to their marketing tools and their list of contacts.

If what you want is a rapid sale, make sure you maximize chances of success!

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By RE/MAX Québec

By RE/MAX Québec

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