Bathroom Window Treatments: A World of Possibilities

Bathroom Window Treatments: A World of Possibilities

Powder rooms and bathrooms should be as comfortable as they are functional. Many people achieve a convivial ambiance by carefully planning their decor, and the window dressings are an important element of a well-thought-out bathroom.

Curtains are always a possibility; however, blinds are typically the more popular option for this room. They must provide privacy, allow light in, and complement the overall interior design style. Here are a few ideas to consider that are ideal for the bathroom.

The Versatile Zebra Blind

A great favourite over recent years for every room of the house, the zebra blind offers many advantages. It can be installed in such a manner as to either let a lot of light in or, on the contrary, completely block light coming in through the window, as needed. Its sleek design makes it one of the most sophisticated window treatments. Models made with white, cream, or black fabric will look just as good in a modern, contemporary, or traditional decor. 

In short, people love zebra blinds for their beauty and effectiveness. Keep in mind though that light-coloured models can be difficult to keep clean.

The Warmth of Wood Slat Blinds

Many wood models are available on the market, in various styles. Select one that will complement your bathroom’s existing decor elements. For example, if you have a minimalist Zen-inspired bathroom, light wood blinds with a hardly discernible wood grain are ideal. Perk up a drab bathroom with contrasting wide dark wood slats. For a softer effect, choose bamboo!

In either case, wood slat blinds will add charm and warmth to your space. One drawback, however, is that because wood is such a visually striking material, this kind of blind may end up weighing down the decor. 

Simple to Clean Aluminum Venetian Blinds

This type of blind is the most well known thanks to its affordability and high durability. These reasons are also why aluminum blinds have a reputation as a mid to low-end product (its only fault)!

Aluminum is a strong, water-resistant material that is quick to clean. It will easily withstand being repeatedly raised and lowered without bending out of shape (unless you buy a cheaper model). If you want your window treatment to seamlessly blend into your decor, get it in the same colour as your wall paint. Or go for contrast. Aluminum blinds come in a myriad of shades: grey, black, red, blue … and even bolder hues!

The Versatile Pleated Blind

If you want to add texture to a room without overwhelming the space, consider a pleated blind. It can be raised and lowered effortlessly and is practically invisible when raised. Choose one in an opaque finish to completely block out the sun’s rays—although this option is most popular for bedrooms. In the bathroom, a pleated blind in fabric that allows a maximum of light to filter through is preferable. Everyone loves bathrooms that are bathed in natural light!

A Frosted Film

In a mat texture or subtly patterns, once the film is applied to the glass, the window becomes impossible to see through but still lets enough light in to satisfy those who prefer a bright bathroom. This is a great option for smaller rooms and windows: they allow you to avoid overloading the space with blinds or curtains.

Ultra Chic Window Shutters

Have you used costly materials in your bathroom, such as marble or quartz? Have you installed a high-end vanity? Is the flooring’s appearance so luxurious that guests can’t help but comment on it? Shutters are indisputably the best window treatment for such a sophisticate room! They will complement the refined ambiance you have worked so hard to create. As a bonus, when the time comes for you to sell your home, shutters are a decor feature that can tip the scales.


Whatever you decide, make sure the product you choose is suitable for high humidity rooms. For example, certain materials may be adversely affected by steam and therefore should not be installed in a room with a shower. Happy shopping!

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