Getting a Good Night’s Sleep in Your New House and Bedroom

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep in Your New House and Bedroom

Moving is a very stressful process and does require an adaptation period. This period of change can be a tough time, especially when it comes to sleeping. 


For many, getting a restorative night’s sleep—or simply any sleep—may be a challenge in a space they haven’t become used to yet.

If you think this might be a problem for you, you can plan ahead and implement changes to your future bedroom to ensure you don’t end up counting sheep instead.

Install the Curtains Immediately

Often when setting up a new home, the window dressings are the last things to go up. The result: you may feel like people are peeping in from outside during the night. Not to mention that the early morning light will likely awaken you at sunrise, even on weekends.

Increase your chances of a restful sleep by installing your bedroom curtains as of the first night.

Wear Earplugs

A strange house’s creaking and neighbourhood noises can be disconcerting, and you will need a couple of days to get used to them. Wear earplugs those first nights to block them out.

Once you have acclimated to your new environment after a few days, you can put them away. 

Make it Smell Like You

The former owners’ odour, as faint as it may be, will prevent you from feeling at home. Give your bedroom a thorough airing!

You could likewise spray your own or your partner’s perfume around the room to surround yourself with a familiar scent. Alternatively, light a candle or an essential oil diffuser that emits a smell you find comforting.

Decorate With Family Photos

There are few things as reassuring as the sight of your kids’ faces or your precious holiday memories. Place such pictures here and there around your bedroom to make the space the feel like home. After all, isn’t this where you are?

Consider a Linen Mist

Do you know about mist sprays specifically designed for bed linen? These are light perfumes that as especially pleasant when applied to sheets and pillowcases. Some scents, like chamomile, even have calming properties.

Use a Weighted Blanket

Many people swear by their weighted blanket to reduce anxiety when going to bed. It helps them quickly nod off thanks to the oxytocin released by its swathing action.

It could prove quite beneficial during those first nights.

Buy Quality Linen

Perhaps you have never treated yourself to soft cool sheets. They truly make sliding into bed extra pleasurable.

If you think you might have some difficulties adapting to your new bedroom, why not indulge in this simple luxury! 

Take a Deep Breath Before Bedtime

This bit of advice may seem like nonsense to some people, but it is perfectly rational! To “tell” your body and mind that this new room is a safe and comfortable place, sit down in it and do some controlled breathing exercises. There are several apps available to guide you through short sessions. Meditation is an equally good option.

We guarantee the tension will melt away!

Change Your Mattress

Moving is also an excellent opportunity to swap out your uncomfortable mattress for one providing the perfect level of firmness. It will be far easier to fall asleep in a bed that meets your needs.


We are aware that adjusting to a new residence can be unsettling, even if you love the house. You will, however, gradually get to know every nook and cranny and feel at ease there, even when you are fast asleep!

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