Mosquito Repelling Tips for the Home

Mosquito Repelling Tips for the Home

Are mosquitos ruining your summer picnics and BBQs? Have you noticed that there is always that one person who seems to attract them more than anybody else?


The solution: invite this person to supper to make sure you’re not the one who gets nibbled on! All joking aside, try the following tricks to keep flying insects at bay.

Natural Repellents

Essential Oils

Are you not into relying on chemicals? Then certain natural products may be right up your alley. Essential oils with mosquito repelling properties, such as citronella, eucalyptus, lavender, and thyme, are used as candles or directly on the skin. If the latter, do a skin sensitivity test before you apply it over a larger area on the body.

Plants and Flowers

Flowers like marigolds and calendulas, as well as herbs like rosemary, small-leafed basil, mint, and lemongrass can keep biting insects in your yard far away from you. Plant them around your patio or deck, or in pots throughout your eating area to make optimal use of their benefits.


Mosquitos lay their eggs in stagnate water, which is why you need to limit the number of potential containers where rainwater can accumulate. The biggest offenders are kids’ toys (e.g., buckets), spare tires and empty cans. It is important that you discard the water or thoroughly clean the yard.

All unused plastic planters or ceramic pots that don’t have drainage holes must likewise be emptied. Make sure your gutters remain as clean as possible and keep an eye on any pools that form around the house. Bird baths are equally a favourite laying spot for mosquitos.


What you wear may also influence of much you get bitten. Choose light-coloured clothes and cover up as much as possible with long sleeves and pants made from lightweight fabric. These skin concealing items will dissuade mosquitos from approaching you. And don’t wear perfume.

Tech Repellents

Gazebo Mosquito Net

If you eat your meals inside a gazebo, you should absolutely upgrade it with a mosquito net. This will prevent winged critters from spoiling your feast.

The Thermacell

Easily transportable, this device operates with a butane gas cartridge. It is increasingly being recognized as an effective method that is, moreover, gaining popularity, and for good reason! The Thermacell very successfully repels mosquitos. Some models offer 40 hours of protection over a surface area of up to 110 square feet.

Geraniol-Based Devices

The size of your smartphone, these small gadgets hook on to your belt and ward off flying bloodsuckers thanks to a light geraniol scent. Apparently, mosquitos hate this smell extracted from the plant of the same name. Very practical for hiking or bike rides.

Last Resort Repellents

Products Containing DEET

Mosquito repellents containing a high concentration of DEET (30%) are a proven means of keeping bugs away. There is a reason why this is the favourite protection options for hunters and fishers!

Mosquito Traps

They come in a wide range of models. Some attract insects, then electrocute them while others are containers that mosquitos can move in and out of, dying within a few days.

Electric Lamps

This type of lamp is simple to use: the UV ray emitted light draws in the mosquitos that are then electrocuted by the device’s high-voltage mesh grid. 

Whether it be to prevent insect bites or stings, or to protect the food eaten outdoors, these tips will no doubt serve you well! Try them out to find which one is best suited to your situation.

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